2019 Singles

Pompadour – Oh, Honey! (Review)

Bristol based trio Pompadour have just dropped their second single “Oh, Honey!”. Available to purchase and on all streaming platforms, the single is the follow up to “Violet”. Founded in January 2018, the band are proving that you don’t have to be together for long to release killer music. Quickly generating a fanbase and playing shows… Continue reading Pompadour – Oh, Honey! (Review)

2019 EPs

Green Dolphin – Bedtime Stories (EP Review)

Introducing the band with a new, fresh sound, Green Dolphin have taken a route down lo-fi indie town that is about to explode from it’s genuine ability. The four piece Essex band released their debut EP 'Bedtime Stories' yesterday and this is no April Fools, it’s a pure, honest record. Describing their new sound as mellow and… Continue reading Green Dolphin – Bedtime Stories (EP Review)

2019 Singles, Introducing, Premiere

Premiere: Real Cool – Be Quiet

Pop duo, Real Cool, keep things in the family. The two brothers Thomas Pledger-Barton & Jacob Barton, have a sound that’s described as late 80’s, early 90’s radio pop. Nostalgic lyrics, soft instrumentation brightly coloured synths - what more do you want in a well crafted pop song? The duo revolve themselves around writing sad songs that people can… Continue reading Premiere: Real Cool – Be Quiet

2019 Singles

Far Suns Fall – Patient (Review)

Last year saw the release of Far Suns Fall single “Shape of the World" from their upcoming debut album “Aphelion.” I really enjoyed sitting back and reviewing their track, as it was full of grit and edge. Now returning with their latest single, they’re keeping the energy big. For those that don’t know, the band… Continue reading Far Suns Fall – Patient (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Rae Morris – Someone Out There (Review)

The year anniversary of the second album, "Someone Out There", by art-pop artist Rae Morris was yesterday. Time sure flies by when you’re listening to great music. When Rae first came on the scene playing shows around Blackpool in 2011, it wasn’t long after that she was offered recording contracts at Atlantic Records & Universal.… Continue reading Rae Morris – Someone Out There (Review)

2019 Albums

Alice Merton – Mint (Review)

2 years after the release of debut EP “No Roots", which also became a ground breaking single for Alice Merton’s discography, she's back with a debut album up her sleeves. Welcome to the world of "Mint." The 25-year-old already has over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and trust me, you're not going to be forgetting… Continue reading Alice Merton – Mint (Review)

2019 Singles, Introducing

Introducing: Chay Snowdon

Making your mark on the independent music scene is always a tricky process. It seems that it hasn’t been that hard for Chay Snowdon. The Bristol based indie/pop outfit knows exactly how to get a crowd going. With two uk tours completed, support slots for The Sherlocks, JUDAS and Glass Caves, to name a few,… Continue reading Introducing: Chay Snowdon

2018 Singles

Eliza May – I Plead (Review)

Singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Eliza May, has been soaring her music through the airwaves of the West Midlands for the past few years. She regularly gigs as a solo artist and occasionally with her band. Her latest singles have featured a band set up. "I Plead" was released back in December and is generating some well… Continue reading Eliza May – I Plead (Review)

2019 Albums

Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

After finding long-awaited fame from a viral video of Pharrell Williams listening to her debut track “Alaska”, Maggie Rogers dropped her debut album on Friday. "Heard It In A Past Life" features 5 tracks that have already been released as either promo’s or on her debut EP “Now That The Light is Fading.” With 7… Continue reading Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

2019 Singles

Rachaayluu – Angel (Review)

Latest single from Rachaayluu, who is currently studying vocals at BIMM in London, is the graceful, “Angel”. Based in London while studying but originally from the West Midlands, the track sounds influenced by that personal experiences of trying to be this type of “angel” to someone special in your life (a partner or even a friend)… Continue reading Rachaayluu – Angel (Review)