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Surf Rock is Dead – Diabolik (Review)

Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo Surf Rock is Dead (SRiD) use 80’s post-punk rhythms and a wide soundscape of reverb to showcase their songwriting. Dropped today, “Diabolik” is their new single and and includes a poetic resonance that features their iconic dream-pop and lo-fi aesthetic. Engaging with smooth vocals, the modern take on shoegaze draws listeners in… Continue reading Surf Rock is Dead – Diabolik (Review)

2020 Singles

Brielle Ansems – More Than My Heart (Review)

Brielle Ansems returns with “More Than My Heart” taken from the upcoming debut album ‘This New Hurricane’ (out March 6th). Produced by Adam Gallant and Kinley Downling (Hey Rosetta!), who also recorded strings on the track, bring the track to life through a wide range of orchestration. About accepting the limits of what is in… Continue reading Brielle Ansems – More Than My Heart (Review)

2020 Singles

Cooper Phillip – Exceptional Feelings (Review)

Los Angeles based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip returns with ‘Exceptional Feelings’ featuring Chaz Mason (currently touring with Kanye West). Detailing life changing moments, the track’s a perfect imagery of Cooper and Chaz’s success rate increasing. With Cooper’s intense drive, soaring vocals and passionate songwriting, the songstress elevates herself to the top of her genre.… Continue reading Cooper Phillip – Exceptional Feelings (Review)

2020 Singles

ÄTNA – Made By Desire (Review)

Creative German duo ÄTNA show a formerly unknown side in their latest single ‘Made By Desire’. Their organic avant-garde approach to music reminisces artists such as Christine and the Queens in the recent release. As the title track from their forthcoming debut, self titled album, the latest offering showcases the future is looking bright for… Continue reading ÄTNA – Made By Desire (Review)

2020 Singles

Neon Dreams – Turn Back Now (Review)

Halifax indie pop duo Neon Dreams return with their new release “Turn Back Now”. As the follow up to their recent album ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’ released last July, the band will take to the road for their U.S tour in March. The new release is an extremely personal one for frontman Frank Kadillac, who… Continue reading Neon Dreams – Turn Back Now (Review)

2020 Singles

teepee – Parallel World (Review)

Dream-pop duo teepee return with their latest single “Parallel World” taken off their upcoming album Where the Ocean Breaks, due to drop January 31st via Springstoff. Recorded at the Aurora Studios in Vienna with producer Tom O. Marsh, the whole album is set to be an inspired soundscape paying ode to subtle samples and melancholic,… Continue reading teepee – Parallel World (Review)

2020 Singles

Blondie Diamond – 4AM Eternal (Review)

Brightening any soundscape with their dream synth-pop sound, Blonde Diamond use unapologetic and captivating lyricism to conduct their music. Vancouver based, the outfit have taken to stages all across the globe, and have even shared bills with bands such as Portugal. The Man, Broken Social Scene & Chromeo to name a few. Released January 10th,… Continue reading Blondie Diamond – 4AM Eternal (Review)

2020 Singles

Seth Glier – Stages (Review)

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Seth Glier returns with the new single “Stages”. Bringing traditional roots and experimental instrumentation to the table, the track features a unique exploration of sound. Currently on tour, he is debuting new music including “If It Wasn’t For You” and latest track “Stages”.  “Stages” captures the magic and secret joy that’s shared when… Continue reading Seth Glier – Stages (Review)

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Flashhearts – At Last (Review)

Recorded in February 2019 but released November 1st of 2019, “At Last” is the latest offering from trio Flashhearts. Consisting of Gaz Greenhalgh (Vocals and Guitar), Scott Edwards (Bass) and Andy Nicklin (Drums), the band formed in Autumn 2016. Produced and engineered by James Rabone at Electric Mistress Studios in Lye, the EP was mixed… Continue reading Flashhearts – At Last (Review)

2020 Singles

Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity (Review)

Lauren Alex Hooper breathes honesty and passion throughout her music. Brighton based singer-songwriter Lauren has previously been featured on MoggBlog with her debut single “Invisible”, and is now preparing for the release of her EP ‘Honest”. Likened to Taylor Swift and early Lauren Aquilina, she’s known for memorable pop melodies and a breathtaking talent in… Continue reading Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity (Review)