Premiere: Real Cool – Be Quiet

Pop duo, Real Cool, keep things in the family. The two brothers Thomas Pledger-BartonJacob Barton, have a sound that’s described as late 80’s, early 90’s radio pop. Nostalgic lyrics, soft instrumentation brightly coloured synths – what more do you want in a well crafted pop song? The duo revolve themselves around writing sad songs that people can dance too. This describes their music with having an opposite kind of effect. Sad song with a happy beat to it, it hits all the criteria for someone who is feeling those emotions. Instead of being sad and upset with heartbreak, the guys produce the track to be like “hey, don’t be upset, we’ve got your back.” In other words, they’re the light in your darkness. After a successful release of their debut EP “Way Back!” in 2017, the band have achieved over a quarter of a million streams online. Due to drop tomorrow, let’s get into the bones and structure of “Be Quiet.”


An ambient beginning with texting off a phone is a well thought out, aesthetic introduction. At the end of the day, we all hate to admit it, but social media does take over our lives someway or the other. Having the phone implicates that maybe the relationship in the song is rocky because of too much interaction on the phone. At the end of the day, if you’re in a relationship, be in it, not one with your phone.  The pop beat begins with boy band like vocals. Filling the atmosphere with The 1975 and late Coldplay vibes, the nostalgic train has arrived. Memories up memories are lifted with just one listen, and the best thing about this track? You can relate to it in someway. 

Be Quiet feels like a story of not being able to please someone. “I can’t be quiet” implies a trust has been broken with not only with someone else, but yourself too. No one should change you in a relationship. The duo describe the song; ‘Be Quiet’ captures that moment when your relationship is falling apart, and someone that has always been there for you is about to walk out the door forever. It’s about the last words that you say to try to save everything, when you can’t believe it’s actually really happening. 

A well crafted track filled with intricate grooves.

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