Eliza May – I Plead (Review)

Singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Eliza May, has been soaring her music through the airwaves of the West Midlands for the past few years. She regularly gigs as a solo artist and occasionally with her band. Her latest singles have featured a band set up. “I Plead” was released back in December and is generating some well deserved publicity for the indie-pop songstress.

Just under 6 minutes, the track feels like a petition for a little bit of space. Space to get words together, get thoughts together, anything. All Eliza is implying is that she needs some time to get her head round something that may have happened. “I Plead is about that feeling you get when everything is overwhelming and starts getting on top of you.  The message of the song is basically just asking the world to give you a bit more time and slow down a bit so you can get round to doing everything at your own pace.  It also was musically inspired by a song called “If Love’s Enough” by Skinny Living”, Eliza mentioned.

My favourite part of the song is the arrangement. It draws you into the song, empathising with Eliza’s emotions. Instrumentation is delicate and simple over a complex drum part in the verses, making it feel slightly uneasy. That imperfection fits perfectly with the message of the track. Currently working on her next EP, keep up to date with Eliza’s gigs and announcements below… you won’t be disappointed. 

Score: 3.5/5



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