Far Suns Fall – Patient (Review)

Last year saw the release of Far Suns Fall single “Shape of the World” from their upcoming debut album “Aphelion.” I really enjoyed sitting back and reviewing their track, as it was full of grit and edge. Now returning with their latest single, they’re keeping the energy big. For those that don’t know, the band situate themselves in the Alternative Rock genre, but are influenced by many other genre’s. Developing a strong sound within their boundaries, the band are back with loving “Patient.”

Keeping the momentum strong from their previous single, Patient comes with great ease for the band. With lyrics flowing off the tongue, the track feels a pioneering uplift for the band’s discography. Taking the song more in a ballad approach, the acceptance and patience in the song feel a promising vibe towards the upcoming debut album. The production gets everything perfectly in line with one another and the sound really is huge. I’m very interested to hear how the band may take this big studio sound live. Poet lyrics drew my attention in straight away, subtle harmonies greet you with welcoming arms too. Grooves are set between the drums and bass building a dynamic shift throughout the song. Sticking to guitar influences from Tremonti, Van Halen and Five Finger Death Punch, the guitar part is on the borderline of metal and alt rock. Effects used grasp your attention and keep you locked in. With their album launch creeping upon us (April 12th), I’ll be sat here waiting patiently for the next release from the band. A bright future lies ahead. 

Score: 3/5



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