Green Dolphin – Bedtime Stories (EP Review)

Introducing the band with a new, fresh sound, Green Dolphin have taken a route down lo-fi indie town that is about to explode from it’s genuine ability. The four piece Essex band released their debut EP ‘Bedtime Stories’ yesterday and this is no April Fools, it’s a pure, honest record. Describing their new sound as mellow and sophisticated, there’s elements on the noughties raw indie era evolving through the cracks of their music. Hinting towards experimenting with their sound, it’s always lovely to hear a band comfortable in their surroundings and simply enjoy what they do. As listeners, it’s a bonus that they sound pretty great too!

A gradual dynamic into the song, it’s not until the witty melodies on guitar are laid into the mix that we hear the band in their own light. Catchy number that is a stand out memorable track on the EP. Lively and upbeat, ‘Can’t Put My Finger On It’ is just what you need for a first track. Full of charisma and attitude, it’s the lovechild of Weezer and Arctic Monkeys. A big jump to 6:41, ‘No More Matchstick Eyes’ is simply vulnerable and wanting comfort while it wallows in the corner frigidly. Sitting in a darker mood, it’s more of a ballad than the other tracks on the EP but still fitting within the lo-fi indie sound.

Cementing the Weezer tone, “The Narcissist” is a loose number that holds together all the imperfections in a delicious smoothie. Bits and bobs of raw instruments but the whole arrangement coats the aura in a perfect way. Building into a jam, it still holds a tight structure. Feeling powered by panic, ‘Underdamping’ feels a little bit rushed which fits the title perfectly. Vocals still a bit forced in places, but adds to the element of the punk nature. Ending the EP is the mellowed out “Swallowtail”. After the aggression of the previous track, it’s nice to sit back and cherish moments in Swallowtail. As a whole, it’s amazing to hear a band go down so many different avenues but still holding onto their unique sound. Powerful first EP from Green Dolphin, looking forward to hearing where they may venture to next…

Score: 7/10

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