Introducing: Chay Snowdon

Making your mark on the independent music scene is always a tricky process. It seems that it hasnโ€™t been that hard for Chay Snowdon. The Bristol based indie/pop outfit knows exactly how to get a crowd going. With two uk tours completed, support slots for The Sherlocks, JUDAS and Glass Caves, to name a few, itโ€™s fair to say that the band have been pretty busy. Releasing their double single “Mon Cheri” & “Sha La La”, on Friday, youโ€™re in for a treat…ย 

Straight into the track, “Mon Cheri” is in your face. I havenโ€™t heard this much charisma and effortless work from an indie band in a while. Instantly youโ€™re drawn into the bones and are trying to figure out what exactly Chay is singing. Chay quoted;ย โ€œlisten up to the lyrics of โ€˜Mon Cheriโ€™ and be transported to wherever the hell you want.โ€ย I love that. Having a freeย reign of what you think the song is about, draws in an audience stronger than actually explaining the song. Leaves an impression of whatever youโ€™d like it to be about. The fast paced track is going to be a hit at live shows. Before you know it, there will be a mosh pit formed.

Drums covered with a hall full of reverb, the slow ballad,ย “Sha La La”ย echoes a wave of living right in the moment. Wonderful structure and arrangement, itโ€™s nice to hear a guitar solo that fits the song. Sometimes a guitarist can goย mentally up and down the neck on a song and thatโ€™s just not needed most of the time. The band obviously know each other’s abilities and limits. Sha La La is a wonderful finish to the double single release and certainly will be a song for the crowd to sing while holding their drinks in the air.

Previous single “Zenobia” video above.

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