21 year old Multi Instrumentalist aspiring to be a musician & a media/music journalist.

I have two goals which may not become a reality, but my oh my, I’m really going to try and achieve my dreams. To be successful I don’t think I need to sell a million copies of my music, or become a famous journalist, all I want is to have a comfortable living and make sure the people around me enjoy what I do.

I have dedicated my life to music for numerous years and studied music performance at college, I think nothing more of making it my career. It’s what I love to do the most and I feel it’s the best way I can express myself in life. The journalism side of what I do is so important to me as well because without writing, I feel like I can’t express. To some people being a musician and a journalist might seem the complete opposite because they’re both time consuming, but what is life without a challenge? I mean, come on, sometimes its a struggle, but no human on earth should give up just because something’s a little “hard.” 

From high school, I have been into journalism and even interviewed many well known people that visited the school, including; Andy McNab, Anthony Horowitz, Lucy Hawking & Jason Bradbury. I’ve been to events outside of school including a trip to London meeting Fiona Phillips and then to be involved in a debate with Ed Balls, Michael Gove & David Laws… that was a strange day.

You might be wondering about why I call myself a parrot… then you notice the hair and hopefully things click? I call myself a parrot, purely because when I talk… I chat utter nonsense. 😀

Overall, if anybody has anything they’d like me to review, please don’t hesitate to give me an email at “chloemogg@gmail.com” or direct to the brand “moggblog@gmail.com” and we can then discuss packages/prices.


I hope you follow me on my journey to whether it may take me 🙂

I rate albums/EPs out of “10” and singles out of “5”.

Films – out of “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”