MoggBlog is run by singer-songwriter and music journalist Chloe Mogg.

I have two goals which may not become a reality, but my oh my, I’m really going to try and achieve my dreams. To be successful I don’t think I need to sell a million copies of my music, or become a famous journalist, all I want is to have a comfortable living and make sure the people around me enjoy what I do.

I have dedicated my life to music for numerous years and studied music performance at college, I think nothing more of making it my career. It’s what I love to do the most and I feel it’s the best way I can express myself in life. The journalism side of what I do is so important to me as well because without writing, I feel like I can’t express. To some people being a musician and a journalist might seem the complete opposite because they’re both time consuming, but what is life without a challenge? I mean, come on, sometimes its a struggle, but no human on earth should give up just because something’s a little “hard.” 

From high school, I have been into journalism and even interviewed many well known people that visited the school, including; Andy McNab, Anthony Horowitz, Lucy Hawking & Jason Bradbury. I’ve been to events outside of school including a trip to London meeting Fiona Phillips and then to be involved in a debate with Ed Balls, Michael Gove & David Laws… that was a strange day.

You might be wondering about why I call myself a parrot… then you notice the hair and hopefully things click? I call myself a parrot as it’s my music logo and I’m trying to tie all

Overall, if anybody has anything they’d like me to review, please don’t hesitate to give me an email at “chloemogg@gmail.com” or direct to the brand “moggblog@gmail.com“. For a guaranteed response, we now accept via Musosoup – https://app.musosoup.com/submit/moggblog

I hope you follow me on my journey to whether it may take me 🙂

I rate albums/EPs out of “10” and singles out of “5”.

Films – out of “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”