Pompadour – Oh, Honey! (Review)

OhHoneyFinalArtwork (1)

Bristol based trio Pompadour have just dropped their second single “Oh, Honey!”. Available to purchase and on all streaming platforms, the single is the follow up to “Violet”. Founded in January 2018, the band are proving that you don’t have to be together for long to release killer music. Quickly generating a fanbase and playing shows all around Bristol, they’re taking the band to the next level and reaching out to London.

Lyrically the song’s about the perspective of love where you find the right person who brings out the best and even the crazy side of you. The band stated that it could be a love song to themselves, as after all, how can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself? Overall, the music sits comfortably within the indie circuit. Holding their own perspective of love with their distinctive sound, you will fall head over heels with Tamsin’s vocals. A great single from the trio. Fasten your seatbelt guys, your music is about to blow up..

Score: 3/5




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