Rachaayluu – Angel (Review)

Latest single from Rachaayluu, who is currently studying vocals at BIMM in London, is the graceful, “Angel”. Based in London while studying but originally from the West Midlands, the track sounds influenced by that personal experiences of trying to be this type of “angel” to someone special in your life (a partner or even a friend) and they just not accepting who you really are. Saying that, I feel the track was intended to be more off “I’m the angel on your shoulder helping you, why won’t you realise I’m here?” vibe. Dropped only a few hours ago, this anticipated track is already making followers go crazy and creating well deserved fans for Rachael. 

Creating a dark pop atmosphere, the song begins with angelic vocal harmonies soaked in a layer of reverb. As the main lyrics come in, rhythmical vocals is how we remember the simple but effective lyrics. Before we know it, we’ve reached the first chorus. The lyric “i could be your angel darling, see me in the moonlight falling” is simply about a falling angel. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” would be the perfect pick up line to associate with this track. The heavenly motion of the track makes you fall head over heels. The instrumentation is set on a type of loop that fits the repetitive message perfectly. Written and recorded by Rachael herself, the track was then mixed and mastered by Zac Viney. 

FFO: Charli XCX, Karin Park, SEYD

Score: 3.5/5

“Angel” is available on all platforms.


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