2020 Singles

Lyys – Can’t Hear It (Review)

Lyys - Can't Hear It South-London based singer-songwriter and producer Rebecca Holloway aka LYYS resonates beautifully melodic bedroom-pop in latest release ‘Can’t Hear It’. With inspirations from Cocteau Twins, Camera Obscura, Metronomy and Robyn, LYYS is an artist simply not following the usual ‘rulebook’.  ‘Can’t Hear It’ explores the feeling of not wanting to engage… Continue reading Lyys – Can’t Hear It (Review)

2019 Singles

Green Dolphin – Notebook Comicstrip (Review)

Previous MoggBlog artist, Green Dolphin return with “Notebook Comicstrip”. Released October 4th, the track concludes the band’s busiest year to date. Having released 3 singles and a debut EP, the band are hiding away working on new material, ready to debut on a short tour in January. Based in Essex, the lo-fi indie draw influence… Continue reading Green Dolphin – Notebook Comicstrip (Review)

2019 EPs

Green Dolphin – Bedtime Stories (EP Review)

Introducing the band with a new, fresh sound, Green Dolphin have taken a route down lo-fi indie town that is about to explode from it’s genuine ability. The four piece Essex band released their debut EP 'Bedtime Stories' yesterday and this is no April Fools, it’s a pure, honest record. Describing their new sound as mellow and… Continue reading Green Dolphin – Bedtime Stories (EP Review)

2019 Singles

Rachaayluu – Angel (Review)

Latest single from Rachaayluu, who is currently studying vocals at BIMM in London, is the graceful, “Angel”. Based in London while studying but originally from the West Midlands, the track sounds influenced by that personal experiences of trying to be this type of “angel” to someone special in your life (a partner or even a friend)… Continue reading Rachaayluu – Angel (Review)