postmouse – Going Postal

Going Postal” is the latest release from Alexander Sokolow (Tugboat Captain) and Ollie McDaid (Living Island) aka the minds behind project postmouse. Between 2020 lockdowns and whilst unable to play with their usual collectives, the two-piece decided to create a new, original project with no ground rules thrown in the mix.

An EP release where all the songs were written, recorded, and mixed in the same day – it’s safe to say that ‘Going Postal’ more a less wrote itself. Armed with jangly lo-fi tracks coated with a strong indie attire, each track is respectively individual. Oozing with personality and showcasing their future is looking bright, while the track’s come across as demos – the overall performance of each one is garage rock infused.

Going Postal is out now and if you’re into good old fashioned indie with a twist of lo-fi garage rock in the mix – this EP is for you.

You can follow postmouse on Instagram.

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