Jericho Noguera – For This

Jericho Noguera releases single from his debut album ‘Siskin Dreams’. ‘For This‘ is a melancholic wonder with a darker sound to Jericho’s usual music. Coated in an alternative atmosphere, the lo-fi number crosses through realms of genres, and showcases a versatile artist.

On the track, Jericho quotes, ‘“For This’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the album, it’s my attempt at expressing the grind of releasing music independently, and what feels it’s like to carry that pressure. The underlying sentiment being that I’m all for putting in the work, I’m ‘For This’, but that’s not to say it doesn’t grind me down. There are so many grey areas in the music industry partly because it’s always

Supposedly it’s all about exposure, but it’s hard to work towards that when so much energy is already being used writing, recording, and producing everything yourself. Not to mention working full time whilst facing the normal challenges that life throws at everyone daily. This song approaches how it all begins to feel like a charade for an independent who’s committed themselves to a life in music.”

Organic and blending a soulful vocal tone with impeccable instrumentation, ‘For This’ is layered with inspiring synths.


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