Mojo JNR – Miles Away

Josh David Read aka Mojo JNR resides in a lo-fi pop meets indie-folk soundscape. Now returning with his second single to date, ‘Miles Away’ glides with charisma and showcases this songwriter doing what he does best. 

On the release, Josh stated, “This was written at the beginning of the UK Covid-19 lockdown (although you’ll be pleased to hear the song is not about that specifically). I wrote, played and recorded all the parts for Miles Away in a student bedroom with a terrific view over Swansea Bay, this helped set the scene for my mood and attitude and can easily be translated in the laid back approach to my musical style. The music was inspired by my fascination with bands like Big Thief, Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers all of whom I am a massive fan. The lyrics were influenced by a book called Pan by Knut Hamsen.

‘Miles Away’ serenades listeners with it’s easy listening nature. Something you’d stick on to unwind, the chilled number feels like the brainchild of Ben Howard and Phoebe Bridgers, and I’m completely living for it.

Score: 3.5/5


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