Lyys – Can’t Hear It (Review)

Lyys – Can’t Hear It

South-London based singer-songwriter and producer Rebecca Holloway aka LYYS resonates beautifully melodic bedroom-pop in latest release ‘Can’t Hear It’. With inspirations from Cocteau Twins, Camera Obscura, Metronomy and Robyn, LYYS is an artist simply not following the usual ‘rulebook’. 

‘Can’t Hear It’ explores the feeling of not wanting to engage with the real world and face uncomfortable conversations, causing things to get swept under the carpet and cracks papered over until things escalate and become a total mess. As Holloway expands “The song is really an internal fight with that bit of childhood innocence that prefers to stay in a state of lying to yourself than face up to a painful reality.”

An exceptional alt-pop piece with an infectious beat and production. 

Score: 3.5/5


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