SLONK – Postman

Joe Sherrin aka the mastermind behind the solo project SLONK returns with alt-rock hit ‘Postman‘. Coated in a lo-fi production with nudges towards alternative rock, the track chimes relatable frustrations about the pressures of the modern day working life.

Joe states, “A few years ago a friend of mine asked me what I saw myself doing in 5 years. I had no response for her and thought it was funny that the first and only thing resembling a career aspiration which came to mind was how I unsuccessfully tried to become a postman a few times when I was a teenager. So I wrote this bitter song about this search for aspiration and how it harvested no meaningful response to her question; only an awareness of my self-resentment for not ‘continually applying oneself’ bound together in a piping hot parcel of friendly, reliable sarcasm. However, having spent a few weeks of lockdown temping as a postman, I can confirm to myself that it is a dream boat of a job.

“Postman’ features glistening crescendos, choir-like vocals and orchestral elements. Mainly fixated around the lo-fi essence of the track, ‘Postman’ is an indie banger with one of the catchiest outros I’ve heard in a long time.


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