latenitexeno – just the way it is

Lo-fi artist latenitexeno teams up with Triple$ix and Front Room Club in mesmerising single ‘just the way it is’. Recorded in his bedroom, the track illustrates to accept that sometimes things are just the way that they are. On the release, latenitexeno stated, “With this song I aimed to blend the conventions of Indie and Lo-Fi pop coupled with the soft spoken lyrics to bring this relatable idea of things being the way they are and sometimes we are powerless to change this albeit this being after a breakup or a certain event that a lot of people go through.

Breaking boundaries within the indie world, ‘just the way it is’ has already accumulated over 37,000 streams on Spotify since it’s release in July. Featuring a polished production yet still paying ode to the lo-fi essence that latenitexeno brings to the table, Front Room Club’s vocals are simply captivating.


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