2019 Singles

Axel Mansoor – London Grey (Review)

Emmy nominated Axel Mansoor returns with his fourth single of the year. “London Grey” features a theme of wanting to run away to a ‘safe haven’. Currently Los Angeles based, Axel’s music blossoms topics such as self-love, self-compassion and transformation. Including these important subjects in his music, he’s a real inspiration for fans across the… Continue reading Axel Mansoor – London Grey (Review)

2019 Singles

Patternist – I Don’t Feel Real (Review)

Fronted by Gabe Mouer, Patternist is a collective that blends percussive rhythms, angelic arrangements alongside blissful lyrics. Set to release their debut album “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here” September 6th via InVogue Records, “I Don’t Feel Real” is a segment into what the album will sound like. A visionary soundscape of what was… Continue reading Patternist – I Don’t Feel Real (Review)

2019 Singles

Natalie Shay – People Like Me (Review)

London based Natalie Shay has dropped her most infectious track to date! “People Like Me” brings nostalgic 80’s vibes to the table and tells the story of how social media can act like a mask, bringing a rose tinted frame to what’s actually going behind closed doors. It also implicates the story of challenges that… Continue reading Natalie Shay – People Like Me (Review)

2019 Singles

krissy – Light (Review)

Recently featured artist on MoggBlog, krissy returns in a complete new ‘Light’. Fitting more around a mainstream sound, the new track is a departure from Sweet Boy straight to the charts. Dropped July 19th, the ever changing sound of krissy can brighten up anyone’s day with her angelic vocals that summit the air with great… Continue reading krissy – Light (Review)

2019 Singles

Zeke Finn – What You Need (Review)

Los Angeles based Zeke Finn returns with his first release in 2 years. Released June 21st via Brilliance Records, the repetitive "What You Need" has been stirring a whole lot of success for Zeke. Featuring producer Jack Kennedy, the summer feel good hit explores a heated spectrum of charismatic indie pop. Think Foster the People… Continue reading Zeke Finn – What You Need (Review)

2019 Singles

Stay Lunar – Brainshake (Review)

Stay Lunar are a indie pop quintet from Swindon. Formed in 2018, the band may have not been together for long, but their debut single “Brainshake” is proving that they’re here for the long run. Starting as a solo bedroom project from lead singer songwriter Harry Leigh, the 4 others soon came to promise and… Continue reading Stay Lunar – Brainshake (Review)

2019 Singles

West Coast Weekend – Heart Attack (Review)

Reeling in the influences from artist such as Portugal. The Man & Panic! At The Disco, West Coast Weekend dropped their debut single “Heart Attack” only 6 days ago. Generating hype already within the number of days, fans are excited to hear their debut EP in June. The indie pop quartet are based in LA… Continue reading West Coast Weekend – Heart Attack (Review)

2019 Singles

Tally Spear – City Girl (Review)

After releasing her debut EP “Fade to White” in the spring of 2018, things started to change for Tally Spear. Taking some well needed time out to create more music and time to breathe, the songwriter is back with what may be her best produced track to date. Traveling on a route of self-development, the… Continue reading Tally Spear – City Girl (Review)

2018 Singles

Eliza May – I Plead (Review)

Singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Eliza May, has been soaring her music through the airwaves of the West Midlands for the past few years. She regularly gigs as a solo artist and occasionally with her band. Her latest singles have featured a band set up. "I Plead" was released back in December and is generating some well… Continue reading Eliza May – I Plead (Review)