Crywolf – your joy is your sorrow unmasked (Review)

Released the first of this month, Crywolf’s latest single ‘your joy is your sorrow unmasked’ rises from the ashes of heartbreak. As the project of producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Justin Taylor Phillips, the diverse sound that Crywolf portrays is always cinematic. He released his 16-track album “widow [OBLIVIØN Pt.I] earlier this year, which he followed with a US tour and a remix album. Simply no stopping this songwriter, the melancholic instrumentation intertwines with subtle vocals to create a delicate yet powerful listen. 

“I wrote this song the first time I tried to imagine her and couldn’t quite picture her face,” Crywolf writes of a past love who inspired the track. “It felt like a sort of second of death for the relationship; a sign that I had truly grown into a completely different form, one that had never touched her skin. She had become a stranger to me.” 

Beginning with a folk based guitar, the direction of the track changes when harmonies enter. Directing itself to be a indie based track, the harmonies are note perfect and still feel human. Sometimes when things are too perfect, music can get lost and feel somewhat robotic, but this track is raw and somewhat homely. You can hear the heartache in Justin’s vocals but the soundscape of instrumentation feels like a comfort in Taylor’s darkness. A warming single from a songwriter that I won’t get tired of hearing. 

Score: 4/5


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