MoggBlog’s Monday Magic #20

Julia Karr – Non Essential

Hamburg based singer-songwriter Julia Karr releases passionate single ‘Non Essential’. Mixing synth-pop with indie-pop, the new single resonates with a lo-fi arrangement suited for the bedroom-pop feel of the track. On the quirky release, Julia added, “The song is characterised by sparkly synths, fun vocal effects, percussive elements adding textures and an overall upbeat feel. This is contrasted with the lyrics, which grapple with anxiety, insecurities and self-perception regarding relationships and friends.” Reflecting on friendship and self-perception, ‘Non Essential’ is an essential asset to Julia’s ever-growing career.

A soulful performance straight from the heart, ‘Non Essential’ showcases vulnerability in an independent way. Hearing Kate Nash and Julia Michaels as big influences on the track, ‘Non Essential’ highlights taking things less seriously and living for the moment. Julia Karr’s ‘Non Essential’ is a bubbly number with elements of noughties pop. Upbeat, fun and the ultimate feel-good anthem for your day, while the track deals with insecurities, it’s instrumentation is a reassurance force to be reckoned with. A youthful track with layers of room to grow, Julia Karr’s a young singer-songwriter still at the beginning of her journey, but someone to keep an eye on as her career progresses. 


Simon Alexander – Gloria

Taken from his upcoming debut album ‘A Place To Call Home’, ‘Gloria’ is the newest release from indie folk artist Simon Alexander. Capturing the true beauty that folk can bring in the palm of his hand, Simon Alexander is an artist to listen to through the good times and bad. ‘Gloria’, alongside the rest of the upcoming album, was recorded in Simon’s home and the mixed and mastered by manager Tommy Rehn. Simon Alexander said this on the track, “It’s a song about leaving something safe behind, in search of something new and uncertain. When I was a young adult, living in a small coast town in Sweden, I didn’t know where I was gonna end up. But I always dreamt myself away, in search for something more.”

‘Gloria’ features a sing-along chorus with angelic elements throughout the instrumentation. A soft track that’s not necessarily on the same wavelength as a lullaby, the gentleness of the single is something needed within the world’s current storm. Suited for a coming-of-age film, Simon Alexander’s songwriting is layered with his roots as well Americana influences. A refreshing songwriter who deserves wider recognition for his heartfelt lyrics, and tender vocal melodies.


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