Kita Menari – Into the Dark (Review)

Amsterdam based indie-pop artist Kita Menari’s latest single “Into the Dark” is what could only be described as heavenly. After a near-drowning experience, Micha de Jonge aka Kita Menari had an immediate new outlook on life. Following an all-night celebration of new found life, the artist woke up to a handwritten note in his pocket that read “Kita Menari”. Stating the rest is history and moving forwards, Kita Menari means ‘we dance’ in Malay. 

“Into the Dark” tells a story of coping with the same, old daily routine. Menari explained that no matter how hard he tries to be different, he’s still chained to the same vicious circle. It’s a mind set at the end of the day, and if it’s make you happy, it can’t be that bad (good old Sheryl Crow motto). Musically, it shimmers with a glistening groove. Coated in infectious melodies and a chorus that won’t be leaving your mind any time soon, it’s a fragrance of what the upcoming EP “Dreaming All the Time”, due out 22nd November, will sound like. 

Score: 3.5/5


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