Bambi – Flicker (Review)

Samantha Clott aka Bambi is a young aspiring singer-songwriter based in Canada. Returning with her second single ‘Flicker’, it’s the offspring of what feels like a Marika Hackman meets Billie Eilish. Intricate with it’s moody aura, the electronic number is coated with reassurance from Samantha’s mystical vocals. Trying to hold onto the hope of getting through an abusive relationship, the track tells the story of learning to get out.

About the end of a violet relationship, the insecurity in the track nudges towards personal songwriters such as Lana Del Rey. Addicted to be anything but alone, the dark atmosphere feels comforting for the audience in a way. Knowing that you’re simply not alone, music will always be there, it’s breathtaking to hear Samantha so honest. A bewitching performance from an artist that I’m proud to have heard. Add “Flicker” to your playlist, it’s available everywhere. 

Score: 3.5/5


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