Axel Mansoor – London Grey (Review)

Emmy nominated Axel Mansoor returns with his fourth single of the year. “London Grey” features a theme of wanting to run away to a ‘safe haven’. Currently Los Angeles based, Axel’s music blossoms topics such as self-love, self-compassion and transformation. Including these important subjects in his music, he’s a real inspiration for fans across the world. His unique sound showcases his colourful background of growing up in a Jewish community. Sticking to his roots and diverse heritage, Axel’s maturity throughout his music is simply breathtaking. 

Narrating the feeling of wanting to run back home and to just be yourself, the melancholic nature of the track is simple but yet effective. Setting a tone of a softer approach to his other tracks, London Grey still fuses an angelic amount of pop. Coated in a silky vocal, the warm guitar melodies bring the arrangement in for an intimate outlook. Featuring producer Yann Lauren, there’s elements of indie-pop, but the stripped back approach makes the core feel slightly folk based. A wonderful arrangement that shows a lot of self love and happiness in both artists’ future. 

Score: 3.5/5


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