DENM – Blow It Up (Review)

Huntington Beach, CA artist DENM teamed up with production songwriting team Rock Mafia on his new single โ€œBlow It Upโ€ and upcoming EP โ€˜Endless Summerโ€™, which is being released on September 6th. Finding his feet in the music industry, the songwriter has been testing out the waters to find his โ€˜soundโ€™, and โ€˜Blow It Upโ€™ is simply his realest track yet. Strictly staying true to his roots, the quality in the new single is one to set DENMโ€™s name firmly in the spotlight.

Initially written about DENMโ€™s neighbours in Isla Vista being loud and wild, as the songwriting process progressed, DENM found himself writing more about growing up in his hometown San Diego. Showcasing that Southern California isnโ€™t all roses and the โ€˜good lifeโ€™, it can be tough. Throughout the number, we learn that even though itโ€™s a hard place to live in sometimes, itโ€™s one big party after all. Laid-back and with tons of swagger in itโ€™s groove, the garage-pop artist has something to say in this number and heโ€™s simply letting that steam off. Heโ€™s found his sound and itโ€™s the simple things in the production, like the reggae instrumentation, that gives the track that extra flavouring that it needed.ย 

Score: 3.5/5


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