Freja Frances – Catching Fire (Review)

Singer-songwriter Freja Frances returns with emotive new single, “Catching Fire”. As the second single to be taken from Freja’s upcoming debut album “The Funeral”, out this Friday, the album secures a collection of ethereal numbers from an enchanting songwriter. Having received praise from various media outlets, Freja’s career has blossomed into something very special. Her trademark is writing beautifully melancholic soundscapes while telling a story through an intricate charm.

Freja elaborated that the track follows a theme of struggle with depression and a difficult relationship. Fast forward slightly, the track highlights about finding someone who can relate to you while struggling with your own demons. Mixing a combination of comfort and danger in this part of the story, Freja realised that as a couple, they understood each other but weren’t good for one another. Glistening in a folk-pop presence, the ethereal nature of the track will make you feel many emotions, but mainly, you’ll fall head over heels for Freja’s storytelling and voice. “The Funeral” is set to put Freja’s name in lights, prepare yourself for a fantastic career ahead, Freja. 

Score: 3.5/5


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