2020 Singles

Surf Rock is Dead – Diabolik (Review)

Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo Surf Rock is Dead (SRiD) use 80’s post-punk rhythms and a wide soundscape of reverb to showcase their songwriting. Dropped today, “Diabolik” is their new single and and includes a poetic resonance that features their iconic dream-pop and lo-fi aesthetic. Engaging with smooth vocals, the modern take on shoegaze draws listeners in… Continue reading Surf Rock is Dead – Diabolik (Review)

2019 Singles

HAVVK – Operate (Review)

Irish outfit HAVVK create a poignant sonic soundscape with Operate, out now via Veta Records. Combining elements of dream pop, shoegaze, indie-rock and even grunge, HAVVK make their own haunting euphoria set to their own rules. Not following any rulebook, the originality in this number is screaming with power. Julie Hawk’s impassioned vocals are warming… Continue reading HAVVK – Operate (Review)

2019 Singles

Me Not You – I Should Know Better (Review)

Dream-pop duo Me Not You return with brand new single “I Should Know Better”. NY based, the alternative two piece dropped the ethereal track September 18th via MNY Music. Already gathering up a reputation unlike any other, the duo toured alongside avant-garde Gary Numan on his USA and Canada tours. Channelling the inner Siouxsie Sioux,… Continue reading Me Not You – I Should Know Better (Review)

2019 Singles

Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

Stanley Duke from Lost Dawn returns with a brand new project - Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits. Theatrical and psychedelic, the collective fuse rock and roll with a pop twist. Their first single “Collagen” dropped July 26th and has been proving that this new concept for Stanley is capturing his true vision.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unVKRqN6KKc Delivering… Continue reading Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

2019 Singles

Baby Husband – What’s Wrong (Review)

Indie rock quintet Baby Husband draw influence from The XX and Wolf Alice. As a collective, the band haven’t been together for long. In the short amount of time, they’ve been an outfit, they’ve played many venues across London and even Scotland. Back with new single “What’s Wrong”, which was produced by Chris Kimsey (The… Continue reading Baby Husband – What’s Wrong (Review)

2019 Singles

Bryony Williams – Little Tree (Review)

If you follow the blog, you already know that Bryony Williams is one to watch. Not long ago, she released the heartbreak track “Silhouette”. Back with the empowering “Little Tree”, it’s fascinating to watch this songwriter blossom into the best version of herself.  Bathed in a shoegaze reverb, Bryony's vocals ride the song like the… Continue reading Bryony Williams – Little Tree (Review)

2019 Singles

Bryony Williams – Silhouette (Review)

First release since her Conscious EP, Bryony Williams is back with what may be her most ambitious track yet. ‘Silhouette’ has had support from Tom Robinson on Radio 6 and well deserved too. Bathed in dream pop, the new single is out today. Bringing you up to speed, Bryony is a young singer songwriter from… Continue reading Bryony Williams – Silhouette (Review)