Danny George – We’re Young

Producer and mutli-instrumentalist Danny George is back with his most hypnotic track to date. Armed with a chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head anytime soon, ‘We’re Young‘ is a youthful single with a sincere meaning. A chilled out sort of track that you can stick on when you’re wanting to mellow out from this hectic world we’re currently living in, Danny George’s warming vocals are a guiding light within the mist.

Talking about the release and it’s background story, Danny explains, ““I grew up in a small suburban town thats main attractions were just a few night clubs and a cinema complex. As a teenager, I spent most of my time driving around on road trips, picking up friends from nights out, crashing house parties and anything fun that would keep us distracted from a typically sterile situation.”

I, for one, have had ‘We’re Young’ on repeat since it hit my inbox. A captivating release that’s an essential listen, Danny George’s latest single is a soulful slice of nostalgic, dream pop.

You can find Danny at Facebook, Twitter, on his website and Instagram.

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