Graywave – Swallow

The third and final single from Graywave’s forthcoming EP ‘Planetary Shift’ is an experience ready to soothe your soul. Titled ‘Swallow‘, this shoegaze queen requires your full attention on the latest release, stating she’s clearly one to watch out for. Managed by Indie Midlands, their roster has grown with some of the finest talent around the country, and Graywave’s innovative sound clearly showcases that the West Midlands music scene is thriving. Drawing influence from the likes of Men I Trust, Slowdive, Crumb and Widowspeak to name a few, ‘Swallow’ is coated with dream-pop guitar chords, a shoegaze atmosphere and hypnotic vocals.

Speaking about the release, Jess Webberley, aka the genius behind the solo project states, “‘Swallow’ is about feeling a loss of control and losing trust within your own thoughts and actions. It’sabout the way I feel when something bad happens that is out of my control – I tend to still blame myselfeven when I am not at fault and this song captures that. The meaning of this song also coincides withthe theme of the EP; a feeling of inner turmoil and a shift in emotions.”

“Swallow” this track daily and I’m sure it’ll be a track that sticks with you throughout your life. Graywave’s authentic sound proves that this artist is bound to have her name in lights.

You can follow Graywave on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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