Surf Rock is Dead – Diabolik (Review)

Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo Surf Rock is Dead (SRiD) use 80’s post-punk rhythms and a wide soundscape of reverb to showcase their songwriting. Dropped today, “Diabolik” is their new single and and includes a poetic resonance that features their iconic dream-pop and lo-fi aesthetic. Engaging with smooth vocals, the modern take on shoegaze draws listeners in with a high quality texture. 

Speaking about ‘Diabolik’, the band stated; “Diabolik’ is about dealing with some extreme situations we’ve encountered living with various people in NYC. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get… Whether it be a roommate sleeping on the bathroom floor, a pile of who-knows-what on the living room floor, or strangers ending up in YOUR room, sometimes it’s not exactly how you imagined your life. ‘Diabolik’ is a venting of those crazy roommate situations that suck in the moment, but given enough time, actually are pretty damn funny.”

With their debut LP Existential Playboy out May 1st, Diabolik is an iconic number that is fuelled with contagious melodies. 

Score: 3.5/5


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