Graywave – Planetary Shift

If you’ve been following MoggBlog for long, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Graywave. Back with her debut EP ‘Planetary Shift‘, this shoegaze meets dream-pop artist deserves global success. Exploring themes of light and dark, the debut EP is armed with melancholy elements while still holding its head firmly high with confidence. With the main inspiration for the songs coming from feeling a loss of control and an inner battle with oneself, ‘Planetary Shift’ was released worldwide today via Brisbane based record label, False Peak Records.

“Planetary Shift” features three previously heard singles, ‘Swallow’, ‘Before’ and ‘Like Heaven’. First single on the EP comes in an optimistic form, and radiates positivity. ‘Dreaming‘ feels like a helping hand within the world’s hectic, current society, and Jess Webberley, aka Graywave states that, “the song itself is about wanting to do better. It’s about realising that the power to be whatever we want to be lies within ourselves. I wrote this when I was feeling particularly optimistic about forging my own path in life and found excitement in that.

Title track ‘Planetary Shift’ stands out from the crowd because of its distinctive vocals. Produced solely by Jess, the songwriter adds, “‘Planetary Shift’ started out as an acoustic song which I planned to take no further than my guitar. After I finished writing it, I felt inspired to demo it properly and something about the production process clicked with me so I decided to go for it and mix it to include it in the EP. This track is intended to be stripped back and honest, it is a true display of my writing process and I wanted to include something that hasn’t beenchanged by going into the studio.”

What makes this EP stand out from the crowd is how innovative it sounds. Refreshing but still sounding nostalgic to yesteryear’s, Graywave is an artist that needs to be on everyone’s radar. One of the strongest releases of the year? Totally.

You can follow Graywave on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Bandcamp.

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