Morning Arcade – Cold Shoulders

Released September 2nd, Morning Arcade make elevating, cinematic indie rock and new single ‘Cold Shoulders‘ is exactly what you’d think it’ll sound like. A hazy soundscape that exceeds any expectation you have for a debut, Morning Arcade clearly state this is the right path for them. On their debut, Karl of Morning Arcade states, “Cold Shoulders was written in response to the constant stream of news surrounding environmental destruction and in the song I call out the indifference we all have towards it in some way. The line “only you can save the world” is aimed at those in power able to make a change but also to every person on the planet.”

“Cold Shoulders” fuses dream-pop and indie rock like no other track you’ll hear all day. An exquisite number that’s the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive, Morning Arcade’s debut is powerful.


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