2019 Singles

Micayl – Indigo (Review)

Singer and producer Micayl presents his third single, Indigo. Fixated in a jazz-influenced piano and stripped down arrangement, the sensitive number sets against a snare-heavy Bossanova groove. Featuring one of Spain’s hidden treasures Henrio, Indigo delves into self-discovery and self-realisation. Micayl’s musical style is diverse, varied and includes influences from Miles Davis and John Coltrane… Continue reading Micayl – Indigo (Review)

2019 Singles

HOLT – Silo (Review)

London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist HOLT creates an emotive audio landscapes. Presented with a cinematic appeal that will draw you in to let you imagination go wild, HOLT has just dropped an EP titled ‘Heavy Water’. Taken off the EP, one of HOLT’s recent singles ‘Silo’ haunts with an impressive uncertainty in it’s core. As… Continue reading HOLT – Silo (Review)

2019 Singles

ARTGIRL – Get Down Let Down (Review)

Dropped October 10th, ARTGIRL released her debut single ‘Get Down Let Down’. Co-produced with Robbie Malone (David Gray), the track was also recorded and mixed by Stuart Gray (Ryan Sheridan, Asian) at Jealoustown Studios. Bringing you up to speed, ARTGIRL is an emerging Irish artist and producer creating a breathtaking blend of alternative music with… Continue reading ARTGIRL – Get Down Let Down (Review)

2019 Singles

Chantitown – Strong in Broken Places (Review)

British folktronica singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown releases new single “Strong in Broken Places”. Taken from her upcoming EP ‘Camouflage’,which will be released 11th October, the track was released September 20th. Born and bred in London, known as a city full of mystery and business, Chantitown draws inspiration from a wide variety of fellow singer-songwriters. Including… Continue reading Chantitown – Strong in Broken Places (Review)

2019 Singles

The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

Manchester based septet The Horse Puppets blend an ambient soundscape while holding onto their blues roots in “Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)”. Coating the blues arrangement in an indie atmosphere, The Horse Puppets mix a whole ray of instruments throughout different styles to create their own distinctive sound. There’s a country twang… Continue reading The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

2019 Singles

Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

Experimental rockers Dog Drive Mantis return with a vibrant new string to their repertoire. Entitled “Volta”, the instrumental number showcases the Toronto based quartet simply in their natural habitat. Flowing freely with great ease, the track was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse. Wacky and innovative, the tune features elements of jazz fusion mixed… Continue reading Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

2019 Singles

Sylvette – Surrender (Review)

Released August 23rd, art-rock collective Sylvette return with their brand new track “Surrender”. Co-produced by New Order’s Phil Cunningham, the 5 piece draw a wide range of influences from the likes of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Neutral Milk Hotel. Creating a powerful sound filled of imagination, the band don’t stick to generic arrangements. Filled with… Continue reading Sylvette – Surrender (Review)

2019 EPs

Dol Ikara – Obsidian Ritual (Review)

LA ethereal songwriter Dol Ikara has dropped her debut EP ‘Obsidian Ritual’, which is now available to stream everywhere worldwide. Claire Roddy aka Dol Ikara is inspired by feminism, gothic + antique imageries, dark fantasies and nature. Bringing her own spin on this subjects, her diverse music streams with originality. She studied music at the… Continue reading Dol Ikara – Obsidian Ritual (Review)

2019 Singles

Southbank Crows – Sw9th (Review)

Previous MoggBlog artist, Southbank Crows return with their brand new single “Sw9th”. With only 2 years under their sleeves as a band, they’ve already reached a successful level as a band. Categorising them as an alternative pop/rock band, the London based collective have already reached over 100,000 streams with their music. Looking to be their… Continue reading Southbank Crows – Sw9th (Review)