John Murry – I Refuse to Believe (You Could Love Me)

Taken from his forthcoming album ‘The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes’, out June 25th, John Murry’s ‘I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me)’ is out now via Submarine Cat Records. Produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Aldous Harding, This is the Kit)and recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, John’s new single shares admiration for emotive lyricism mixed with a thought-provoking humour.

“This song is my take on what Ric Ocasek (RIP) from The Cars mighta written if he had been into those dark “UK Surf” era Pixies mixes and found himself a bit trapped in Kilkenny, Ireland, for some years and – while there – grew a bit more alienated, broke, maligned, and bored by the day, then week, then month, then years. Ric would’ve probably written something much catchier, but y’all catch my drift, yeah?”, Murry explains.

Armed with a jiving rhythm and interesting instrumentation, this new single gives insight into the masterpiece that is the upcoming album. An album that showcases glistening imagery and burning honesty, John Murry could easily be the next Nick Cave.

You can follow John on Twitter, Instagram and on his Website.

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