Martin Aelred Colgan – Last Boat to St.Helena

Knowing his way around the music industry, Martin Aelred Colgan was first introduced to record producer Colin Thurston (David Bowie, Duran Duran) in 1992. Teaming up for his new album to provide a gripping performance throughout, the genre-bending number is filled with surprises and turns. Ranging from a sea shany to evocative, flamenco instrumentals – the overall album will certainly leave a lasting impression on your day

Martin speaks about the conception of Lead Single ‘Last Boat to St. Helena‘, “Isolation was something I’d never experienced until the evening of March 22 2020 where from my attic studio I could see the search lights of police helicopters over the Glasgow skyline. Coincidentally I was working on the remix of the last boat to St Helena a tiny island which oddly enough had spent its whole life in isolation so I reckon I wasn’t to be totally alone that first night of lockdown.”

“Last Boat to St.Helena” is a return to Martin’s alternate rock roots with fragrances of all of his other influences too.

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