Good Luck Chuck ft Elsa Mickayla – Speak Up

Good Luck Chuck is a mysterious persona composed of Singaporean DJ and producer Perk Pietrek, and multi instrumentalist Direwulf. Like something you’d hear on an advert for cars, ‘Speak Up’ is equipped with a stylish rhythm and funk-like elements. An empowering offering that’s armed with a care-free arrangement, the debut single from Good Luck Chuck features singer-songwriter Elsa Mickayla on lead vocals.

Released at the end of March on Super Snacks, this infectious number will become your daily drug to get any pandemic blues out of your system. Good Luck Chuck state throughout the track, “Do you know who are? Do you know who you wanna be? If you do, then speak up and let your voice be heard.

Motivational and an confident, this is a strong debut.

You can follow Good Luck Chuck on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their Website.

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