Sasha & The Shades – Grin & Bare It

Out now and released independently, Sasha & The Shades present breathtaking new EP ‘Grin & Bare It’. Released on vinyl and digitally, the EP also features previously released single ‘Smiles’. Breathing an emotive narrative throughout, the EP feels like a comfort blanket within the dark and comes across as relatable and familiar. Discussing issues that have affected many during the past year, the EP covers themes of human relationships, the tightrope of mental health, hope, despair and longing.

Armed with five tracks of alternative folk, indie rock and every genre you could think of, ‘Grin & Bare It’ is an unapologetic release that refuses to be labelled. Having built up an impressive reputation for live performances, Sasha & the Shades are certainly an outfit that are on my list to check out live when it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, they’re┬ádue to play an online show for In The Neutral Zone at London’s AMP Studios on June 21st.

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