Cold Water Swimmers – Holiday at the Secret Lake

Set for worldwide release tomorrow, ‘Holiday at the Secret Lake‘ is the incredible debut album from Manchester outfit Cold Water Swimmers. Armed with ten songs, recorded over three years and released as an album, the track list showcases three years together as a band.

Speaking about the influenced location, CWS share, “The Secret Lake is a real place, it’s not easy to find though, its existence and whereabouts shared by word of mouth never shouted about or hyped as the next big go-to holiday destination – that suits us fine.  

Depending on your journey, your route, your fate before discovering the Secret Lake you probably had to navigate tough forgotten streets, heartbreaking dead ends, fall in love with false profits and follow deceivers, scallywags, and vagabonds, that’s to be expected.” 

An indie attire with segments of alternative rock squeezed through the cracks, ‘Holiday at the Secret Lake’ is an ambitious return and sets the bar firmly high for future releases.

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