Furrowed Brow – Punctual Punk

Released at the beginning of this month, “Punctual Punk” is in-your-face and refuses to be told what to do. Left wanting more from the exquisite release? There’s also an exceptional B side to go with it titled, ‘The Narrative of Hugh Gordon Pym’. Bringing you up to speed, the new two-track release is a real contender from Manchester-based quintet, Furrowed Brow.

Released via the band’s own label ‘Notes From Underground’, this double release sounds like the lovechild of Magazine and The B-52s, what more could post-punk lovers want? Telling the story of the main protagonist and someones that’s constantly tardy, “Punctual Punk” details more than what meets the eye, or in this case, ear. Explaining philosopher Albert Camus’ commentary on the absurdity of existence, the track’s deeper message is astonishing.

It’s probably one of the stupidest songs I’ve ever written but also one of the catchiest – it’
s simply about meeting up with a friend and him being unexpectedly on time,”
shares Richey, Furrowed Brow’s vocalist. “We threw a few lines of Camus in to spice things up, also because it’s important to remember that although everything we do is meaningless, we have to live or die by the truth.”

Adding his views on the b-side, Richey states, “The B-side’s even better which means that of course that fewer people will like it. It’s the only song we’ll ever do about the pandemic so relish it while you can.”

You can follow the outfit on Facebook and Instagram.

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