Sylvette – Blanket of Dust

If you’ve been following MoggBlog for a while, you’ll know how much I love Sylvette. Easily one of my favourite current bands, Sylvette are for fans of Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel. Back with intimate new release ‘Blanket of Dust’, this track hears the band take to a more stripped back arrangement but still paying ode to the bands full-band roots. Entering with an angelic guitar melody and Charlie’s distinctive vocal, the track carries that momentum throughout.

Speaking about the message behind the track, Sylvette share, “‘Blanket of Dust’ is directly inspired by the film ‘Shadowlands’ about C.S Lewis in which he undergoes great personal change through the trauma of his wife passing away. His personal transformation isn’t grand or public but more quiet, considered and melancholic and I wanted to reflect this in the feel of the song. The film documents a time in his life where for the first time he dares to open himself up to love and he not long after experiences the pain of losing it. It got me thinking about the idea of how Joy and Pain are two sides of the same coin and the only way to live fully is to bravely embrace the certainty of both.

A band that are at the top of my list to see live one day, ‘Blanket of Dust’ is definitely up there with their strongest releases to date. Walking in the shadows of Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Lilac Wine, this feels like an instant classic.

You can find Sylvette on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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