Southbank Crows – Wild Ones (EP Review)

With Wild Ones being their second EP, you can tell the boys of Southbank Crows really do live for the music. Having started the band back in early 2016, a group of guys met at a blind audition and have been playing music together ever since. They got their name from a place where they wrote music, rehearsed and recorded it – London’s Southbank. With influences coming from alternative rock to country-pop americana, they sit nicely in these genres with elements of modern-day rock music from the vocals. Wild Ones was released in November 2017, with it being only a 3 track EP, I’m excited to hear if they have a big sound in these “small” songs.

Runaway Boots is the first track off the EP and it seems to be about a girl who the singer admires and really wants them to be a part of their life. Her boots are distinctive and even her red dress. Vocally, the voice reminds me a bit of Rob Damiani (Don Broco) which definitely gives the song a bit more of a modern flavouring to it. The singer does have his own style though for sure. The lyrics roll of the singer’s tongue which makes it easier for the audience to hear too. It’s a really catch song that feels somewhat nostalgic. It definitely has flavouring to early 2000’s music and seems heavily influenced by Wheatus, Weezer & Fountains of Wayne. It’s nice to hear the lads of Southbank Crows bring the good vibes into their music. As the song is very short, at only 2:11, it makes the song feel a tad rushed, but it still works really well as a whole. I feel the song could be about how the singer ran away from their home but all they thought about was the girl.

The next track, “Things We Learn” has a similar kind of meaning of wanting to “escape this town and move to a city full of those lights”. We all get to a point in our lives when we feel somewhat down about our home town and wanting to find somewhere new and refreshing to go/live. I think the boys of Southbank Crows found their new meaning (hometown) in this song. Even though people move away and relocate, we al like to feel safe at “home”. The chorus explains how the guy “took a cab downtown to learn how to breathe,” this could indicate getting some fresh air and going for a walk to clear their head. They also “took a flight to the other side of the world where he learned to love”… after all, the world isn’t so big and lastly, “in a midtown bar, he thought this place felt like home”. Moral of the story, you can go anywhere in the world find a meaning. It’s another nostalgic song, maybe not of things that have happened in the past, but of the things to come instead.

The last track of the EP is also the title track, “Wild Ones”. This track seems to be a more negative song really, a song that is thinking purely of their life “what a wonderful life to get to my sins, just follow that kiss”. Perhaps the singer thinks that being in love will solve things. The song feels slightly forced and that it’s trying to hard. I personally feel this song is about a couple that’s more one-sided and the one person is really trying to make their relationship work. “Punch me in the face so me and my friends have something positive to talk about”, this lyric is definitely an oxymoron purely because how can a punch in the face be positive? I’m not entirely sure who the Wild Ones are as this song feels a bit lost and it’s not really getting to the point, but whoever they are, they ended to be happy with themselves first to then be happy with somebody else. Musically, the song climbs throughout and ends with soft chords to indicate the ending. “I can’t ask god for forgiveness, I’m pretty sure we don’t get on, I’ll put my brave face on”, it’s a sad ending to a song but proves that something is wrong and makes me want to find out the true meaning behind this song.

The EP is quite short and doesn’t really have a whole big sound to it. It seems to be mainly about romance and trying so hard to perfect a relationship. I do like the songs and think they work really well. As a band, they’re pretty tight and create a really nice, warm, pop sound. It’s a bit generic at time,s but the talent shines throughout.

Favourite Tracks: Runaway Boots, Things We Learn
Score: 6.5/10

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