Shaun Gambowl Walsh & the Plagiarists – The Broth (EP Review)

“The Broth” came out in July 2017 being Shaun Gambowl Walsh & the Plagiarists second release. Let’s just say, this band are not for the plain hearted, innocent people of the world. With their genre sitting comfortably in the space punk category, they’re known for causing controversy with their music. Bringing humour and explicit content into their lyrics, they scream with attitude. They call themselves “Britain’s most hated band,” but my goodness, they pull it off well.

We start the EP off with “The Broth.” A broth is known to be a soup consisting of ingredients cook in stock and that’s completely the song in a nutshell more a less. “Too many cooks spoil the broth, but many hands make light work” is the only lyric in the whole of the song. The song itself is spoken with two guys having a kind of argument about the “broth”. It’s an unusual song subject, but something about it works. Just before halfway through, the spoken word comes to a stand still and we’re then entered with a space like instrumental which reminds of how it feels to be stuck in a “daze.” Could this song be drug related? Perhaps… it can mean anything you want it to be. That’s the best thing with music, as Dave Grohl once said “You can sing a song to thousands of people, and they can sing it back to you with thousands of different meanings.”

“In Cahoots” starts with a minor riff that is quite creepy. Before watching the music video, I felt this song could be related to alcohol purely by the loose instrumentation to the song, and I was right. We all know the night before when you’re out drinking with your friends is usually a good night, but when we get too much alcohol in our system, some of us suffer big time the next. The video shows the band on what I could only imagine being a “binge.” “The past few days” lingers and is repeated constantly to begin with, this could show that the past few days have been feeling like they’ve gone round in circles. When the lyrics start coming in as a normal song, we’re introduced properly to the singer’s accent, which reminds me a bit of the West Midlands. The commonness of the voice really adds so much flavour to the song, making it drown in a “cool” attitude. “The drugs are on tap and the booze is flowing” completely confirms that the band are on a “binge.” As the song progresses, it gets heavier and simulates the “binge” dragging on with “tick tock” being said in the background of the music. With the song being 5:35, it’s quite a long track, but without it being so long, it wouldn’t like we’re in this “binge” ourselves. The weirdness of the song really captures what “paranoia” and even “anxiety” feels like.

The timing of the next song is quite off-putting, giving the song it’s on edge. “Research Chemical Generation” seems to be about society, maybe even the government, giving us things to try like “we’re the guinea pig population living in frustration and we seem to be bearing the brunt of it all.” I can completely get where they’re coming from and the message behind this track is really interesting. “Two headed Ted should be dead but now he’s a zombie instead” is a lyric that shows that society/the government really don’t care about us really. We could all die tomorrow and they would still think they’re doing a “good job.” The eerie timing of the song really makes it uneasy to listen to, but something about it just makes you keep listening. From 4:04, the song goes into what I could only imagine being a “cloud of smoke,” it’s eerie and seems to be the band’s “iconic part” to some of their tracks.

Well, we can all really here what they’re saying in “Who’s Scott Theket?”
This track is definitely the band bringing their drug humour side into their music, and it is kind of funny but very cringeworthy. This song is probably the most controversy of all the songs on the EP with the band sharing their politics views of Theresa May and also sharing explicit words. The voices are all over the place, but because the track is many about drugs, it works as a whole. You can hear their rebelling, punk nature come through. It’s a big “middle finger up” song.

The EP finishes with a ring tone from what sounds like a really, old brick phone with the singer replying to whoever’s on the phone “cool, I’ll be out in a sec.” The EP sounds rushed, but it works. This is the bands sound and I don’t know how they manage it, but they really do pull it off well.

Favourite Tracks: In Cahoots, Research Chemical Generation
Score: 6.5/10

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