2019 Singles

Louise and The Feathers – Rich Tea Biscuit (Review)

Created after years of writing, jamming and finally wanting to share, Louise and The Feathers combine folk, pop and rock as their main influences. With comparisons to artists such as Florence and The Machine, Hazel O’Connor, Paolo Nutini, Tracy Chapman and Fleetwood Mac, their latest single “Rich Tea Biscuit” sits highly in their discography so… Continue reading Louise and The Feathers – Rich Tea Biscuit (Review)

2019 Singles

Zac Pajak – Not Around (Review)

Released via Goldun Egg Records on November 20th, “Not Around” is the latest single from London based artist Zac Pajak. Taken from his debut EP ‘Early Hours’ due for release early 2020, the single follows the release of debut single “Again” in October 2019. After being discovered by Jake Gosling (Major Lazer, Wiley, Lady Gaga),… Continue reading Zac Pajak – Not Around (Review)

2019 Singles

Eleri Angharad – Staircase (Review)

Swansea based country artist Eleri Angharad releases the cinematic video for single “Staircase”. The track is the latest single off Eleri’s debut album “Earthbound” which has been streamed in excess of 12,000 times across Spotify since it’s release. Impressive numbers for an independent artist, the numbers are growing with an excess of 4,000 monthly listeners.… Continue reading Eleri Angharad – Staircase (Review)

2019 Singles

Holly Fitzgerald – Weight of the World (Review)

West Midlands based singer-songwriter Holly Fitzgerald creates a cinematic pop atmosphere in her distinctive songs. Back with “Weight of the World”, the third single from the songwriter battles mental health struggles. Throughout 2019, Holly Fitzgerald has gained support from local radio stations such as BBC West Midlands, WCR, Black Country Radio and Brum Radio, and… Continue reading Holly Fitzgerald – Weight of the World (Review)

2019 Singles

Karl Zine ft Iselin – Clear Water (Review)

Released November 15th, Karl Zine aka one half of alt-pop duo RINNGS released his debut as a solo artist ‘Clear Water’ featuring Iselin. Via Wow & Flutter Records, the single is the perfect number to shelter off from the outside world. As the first solo record from Karl Zine, the track marks the start of… Continue reading Karl Zine ft Iselin – Clear Water (Review)

2019 Singles

Fractures ft ROZES – Chains (Review)

Melbourne based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fractures returns with the release of “Chains” featuring ROZES. Out on FADER label, the pair embrace a pop atmosphere that brings a special force between the exceptional collaboration. Set to return with a collection of tracks in the new year, Fractures has a new project called EP III due out on FADER… Continue reading Fractures ft ROZES – Chains (Review)

2019 Singles

Jacob Seeger – Down (Review)

It’s no surprise to viewers that Jacob Seeger is completely soaring through the music industry. After landing five sync placements on CBS, signing with AWAL, and receiving over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the word is simply his oyster right now. Seemingly like it will continue to go with each listen, Jacob’s a rising pop/R&B… Continue reading Jacob Seeger – Down (Review)

2019 Singles

Melanie Valentine – VHS Tape (Review)

After taking a 4 year hiatus from her local Australian music scene to become a parent, Melanie Valentine returns with the wonderful pop number ‘VHS Tape’. Influenced by the likes of 80s/90s cartoons, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kim Wilde and Robyn to name a few, the synth-pop songwriter confronts issues that needs to be heard in… Continue reading Melanie Valentine – VHS Tape (Review)

2019 EPs

LeyeT – more thoughts (Review)

LA based indie-pop singer-songwriter LeyeT returns with her second EP of the year entitled ‘more thoughts’. Having earned solid support and debating live in LA & NYC, LeyeT’s debut EP ‘thoughts’ created a lot of buzz for the artist. Sticking with the hype, the songwriter shoots further into her indie-pop career. Including six tracks of… Continue reading LeyeT – more thoughts (Review)

2019 Singles

OSTON – nobody cares (Review)

Emerging Chicago pop songwriter OSTON is the moniker of Austin Wolfe. OSTON has spent the last three years under the wing of heavyweight songwriter/producer Dino Zisis, of Lady Gaga fame. Armed with a force to be reckoned with “nobody cares” revolves around the frustrations of social media. Her debut EP ‘Sitting at the Kids Table’… Continue reading OSTON – nobody cares (Review)