2019 Singles

Surge – Colours (Review)

It’s been two months since Surge released their latest single “Colours” and it’s already received wide recognition from their fans all around the country. Comprising of George King (vocals/guitar), Alan Jones (guitar), Will Smith (bass/synth) and Billy Fenton (drums), the quartet bring a wide range of shades of indie through their music. Melodically wonderful, the… Continue reading Surge – Colours (Review)

2019 Singles

Francis – Fade Away (Review)

Consisting of singer-songwriter Alex Wesley and an ever changing collection of musicians that create the music, Francis is a Milton Keynes based collective. Born in Milton Keynes, Alex began playing music at the age of 4 with learning the piano before comfortable landing on the guitar as well. Influences include Foo Fighters and Coldplay, “Fade… Continue reading Francis – Fade Away (Review)

2019 Singles

Dear Monday – Somebody (Review)

Newly formed pop rock band Dear Monday are based in Cambridge. Vocalist Jamie Wiltshire isn’t a stranger to MoggBlog as his other Alternative band Standing Like Statues received a feature not long ago. With a refreshing sound, Dear Monday are here to show that they’re here to stay. For a debut single, ‘Somebody’ compliments the… Continue reading Dear Monday – Somebody (Review)

2019 Singles

Colour of the Jungle – Steel Tray (Review)

UK garage rock outfit Colour of the Jungle return with the highly anticipated ‘Steel Tray’. Captivating songwriting and a high level of energy, the quintet bring a raw yet polished sound to the atmosphere. Being the first single since heir debut EP The Jungle Book, the track narrates pushing through the hard times when feeling… Continue reading Colour of the Jungle – Steel Tray (Review)

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for KING & COUNTRY – joy. (Review)

Grammy nominees for KING & COUNTRY are really causing quite a stir with pop infused rock single “joy”. Taken off their third studio album 'Burn the Ships', the Australian but Nashville based siblings are enjoying the well deserved limelight. Premiering last month of Good Morning Sunday, it’s safe to say that the band’s UK following… Continue reading for KING & COUNTRY – joy. (Review)

2019 Singles

Izzy Thomas – Trouble (Review)

London’s Rock’n’Roll star Izzy Thomas has arrived to the studio recording world. With the release of her debut single “Trouble” back in February, Izzy has been marking her territory in live shows for quite some time. Taking her attitude and highlighting it in the self-worth new single, she is here to stay. Empowering girl power, the… Continue reading Izzy Thomas – Trouble (Review)

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Introducing: Chay Snowdon

Making your mark on the independent music scene is always a tricky process. It seems that it hasn’t been that hard for Chay Snowdon. The Bristol based indie/pop outfit knows exactly how to get a crowd going. With two uk tours completed, support slots for The Sherlocks, JUDAS and Glass Caves, to name a few,… Continue reading Introducing: Chay Snowdon

2018 Singles

Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

An electric influence of Blues, Grunge, and Alternative rock music is secured with GoLoud Records band Far Suns Fall. They released their first single "Shape of the World" from debut album “Aphelion” (due for release in April) back in November. With the debut album still to be released, the band are generating a strong fan base. Combining all their… Continue reading Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

2018 Singles

Future Fires – Keep A Secret (Review)

Four-piece indie rock band from Birmingham, Future Fires are full of energy and are ready for anything. Formed in 2017 and serving a wide range of shows across the country, they released their latest single “Keep A Secret” back in October. With drawing influences from The Editors, The Subways and The Killers to name a… Continue reading Future Fires – Keep A Secret (Review)