The Pink Diamond Revue ft Legpuppy – Acid Dol (Single Review)

Aspects of eccentric style of music; The Pink Diamond Revue have released a new song (14th Feb) about their front “person”, who is known to be from another dimension. Acid Dol is a biographical song purely about their “doll”, and already, I’m slightly freaked out of this mannequin. On the song, Legpuppy, a trip-hop/dance band feature and in the music video, they’re featured with The Purge type masks.

The song itself has elements of being a top electronic Prodigy/Fatboy Slim type of track with elements of a rebellious nature from the lead singer sounding quite similar to the Dury family – Ian Dury (The Blockheads) and Baxter Dury (Ian’s son.) Musically, the song doesn’t really dynamically change or reach anywhere and it does get quite repetitive. I must say though, the band have really got stuck into something that sure does mean a lot to them. I like how they use visual effects at their live shows to give the audience not only a musical experience, but a visual one too. I personally am a bit unsure where I like the song as a whole, but that’s purely a personal preference, but I do really like the band’s charisma to make this song their own. I may even catch one of their shows some day in the future.

Score – 3/5 


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