2019 Singles

Eleri Angharad – Staircase (Review)

Swansea based country artist Eleri Angharad releases the cinematic video for single “Staircase”. The track is the latest single off Eleri’s debut album “Earthbound” which has been streamed in excess of 12,000 times across Spotify since it’s release. Impressive numbers for an independent artist, the numbers are growing with an excess of 4,000 monthly listeners.… Continue reading Eleri Angharad – Staircase (Review)

2019 Singles

AO ft Mondo Cozmo – Fall on Me (Review)

LA-based songwriter AO returns with her new single & video “Fall On Me” featuring the vocals of Mondo Cozmo. AO signifies both the beginning and the end, and is Aria Pullma-Ostrander’s muse that allows her to stretch boundaries and slash genres. Born out of the late night sessions of the songwriter, AO signifies both the… Continue reading AO ft Mondo Cozmo – Fall on Me (Review)

2019 Singles

Chloé Caroline – Forgive Me (Review)

Pop artist Chloé Caroline transports us back to the nostalgic 90s and 00s with her brand new mesmerising single “Forgive Me”. Showcasing the singer-songwriter doing what she does best, Chloé’s ability to blend emotive lyrics with a beautiful instrumentation gives it that defining Country twang. Pulling at the heartstrings as her smooth vocals take the… Continue reading Chloé Caroline – Forgive Me (Review)

2019 EPs

Rebekah Hawker – Careful Women (Review)

Country-Folk singer songwriter Rebekah Hawker resides in Barrie, Ontario, and draws influences from artists such as Kathleen Edwards, Joni Mitchell and Patsy Cline to name a few. Hot off the press, her debut EP is now ours to share. Entitled “Careful Women”, featuring powerful lyrics and a musical presence like no other, the debut is… Continue reading Rebekah Hawker – Careful Women (Review)

2019 Singles

Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

Fronted by singer-songwriter Tiger Finkel and backed by The Homertons; Dario Ferriera (lead guitar), Celia Kleindienst (piano and vocals) and Fabio Gentilin (bass), the acoustic based collective are here to captivate you with their way of telling a smooth story. “Somewhere Else” is a journey of freedom. Having the space to be free, there’s a… Continue reading Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

2019 Albums

The Yalla Yallas – Outsider (Review)

Punk Rock outfit The Yalla Yallas reside in Leeds. Formed in 2008, they’ve got a comfortable discography behind them. Here with their first release in two years, “Outsider” is a fist pump in the air album that should be played at high levels.  "Run" ignites the spark in the album with it’s energetic approach to… Continue reading The Yalla Yallas – Outsider (Review)

2019 Singles

Binky – Drug In My Head (Review)

London-based singer songwriter Binky blends a unique mix of country with mainstream pop in latest single “Drug In My Head”. Rising star of the country scene, the songwriter showcases an upbeat personality throughout the latest single. Moving swiftly towards the summer, it’s a perfect track to add to your playlist to get you in the mood… Continue reading Binky – Drug In My Head (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

The Tenmours – Maze (Review)

Formed in December 2013 by Alex Johnston-Seymour & Ross Tennant, the talented songwriting duo became an important part in Folk Fusion. Folk fusion is fused with folk, rock and world music - all genres that will definitely get your feet stomping and your jaws dropping. They’re known for creating a true energetic experience at their… Continue reading The Tenmours – Maze (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

The Equatorial Group – Apricity (Review)

Think Fleetwood Mac but more folk orientated. The Equatorial Group are a group of friends from the East of Sussex. With many things in common but primarily being the same influences in music and life, the five piece band create a gentle landscape with their subtle but powerful compositions. Released on May 25th, Apricity is… Continue reading The Equatorial Group – Apricity (Review)

2015 Albums

The Sean Gaffney Band – The Story of How We Lose Control (Review)

Sean’s a musician from a little place called Bishops Castle in Shropshire. Sean’s soulful approach to his music screams out in his original compositions with his own band complimenting his work beautifully. With "The Story of How We Lose Control" being almost 3 years old in two weeks time, the debut solo album is beaming… Continue reading The Sean Gaffney Band – The Story of How We Lose Control (Review)