Southbank Crows – Sw9th (Review)

Previous MoggBlog artist, Southbank Crows return with their brand new single “Sw9th”. With only 2 years under their sleeves as a band, they’ve already reached a successful level as a band. Categorising them as an alternative pop/rock band, the London based collective have already reached over 100,000 streams with their music. Looking to be their biggest year yet, Southbank Crows blossom the air with their unique take on pop rock.

“Sw9th” has a soft pop punk approach with the vocal line. As a whole, it’s crafted so it fits perfectly within the pop aura, but there’s something so energetic within the arrangement that makes it feel slightly more punk orientated. Returning to the studio to record their debut album, if the album is anything like this track, we’re in for a right treat. If you’re left wanting more from this track, they’ve just dropped another new single “Paradise Park”.

Score: 3/5


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