2019 Singles

AO ft Mondo Cozmo – Fall on Me (Review)

LA-based songwriter AO returns with her new single & video “Fall On Me” featuring the vocals of Mondo Cozmo. AO signifies both the beginning and the end, and is Aria Pullma-Ostrander’s muse that allows her to stretch boundaries and slash genres. Born out of the late night sessions of the songwriter, AO signifies both the… Continue reading AO ft Mondo Cozmo – Fall on Me (Review)

2019 Singles

Chloé Caroline – Forgive Me (Review)

Pop artist Chloé Caroline transports us back to the nostalgic 90s and 00s with her brand new mesmerising single “Forgive Me”. Showcasing the singer-songwriter doing what she does best, Chloé’s ability to blend emotive lyrics with a beautiful instrumentation gives it that defining Country twang. Pulling at the heartstrings as her smooth vocals take the… Continue reading Chloé Caroline – Forgive Me (Review)

2019 Singles

Jack Blackman and the Beautiful Wreck – No Silver Lining (Review)

Jack Blackman is a UK based singer-songwriter and guitarist. Recently teaming up with his own band, The Beautiful Wreck released their debut single “No Silver Lining” on the 30th of August. From an upcoming EP due for release in 2020, ‘Cold Trails’ will featured 4 new original tracks. Blending classic rock, americana and a swift… Continue reading Jack Blackman and the Beautiful Wreck – No Silver Lining (Review)

2019 Singles

Lucy & La Mer – Blue Dress (Review)

LA based indie project, Lucy LaForge aka Lucy & La Mer is known for her angelic, bright melodies. She will be releasing a new EP called “I Feel Better Now” this year, which will be followed by a summer tour in the US and a fall tour in Europe/UK. Back with “Blue Dress”, the single… Continue reading Lucy & La Mer – Blue Dress (Review)

2019 Singles

Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

Fronted by singer-songwriter Tiger Finkel and backed by The Homertons; Dario Ferriera (lead guitar), Celia Kleindienst (piano and vocals) and Fabio Gentilin (bass), the acoustic based collective are here to captivate you with their way of telling a smooth story. “Somewhere Else” is a journey of freedom. Having the space to be free, there’s a… Continue reading Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

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Jeff Buckley – Grace (Review)

In my eyes, "Grace" is the best album of all time. Without Grace, my life would be so much more different to how it is now. When I first found Jeff Buckley's music, it turned my life completely around and made me realise how much music means to me. It really opened my eyes to how much I want a career… Continue reading Jeff Buckley – Grace (Review)

2017 Albums

Phil Matthews (The Village) – Carnival of Fools (Review)

Phil Matthews aka The Village released his Carnival of Fools album back in 2017. With elements of traditional folk music and americana, Phil has built up a fan base around the Midlands. With influences from The Beatles to the Beach Boys, The Village's music is known to be a magical place for outsiders and oddballs. The album features tracks, "The Secret Garden" which he wrote in… Continue reading Phil Matthews (The Village) – Carnival of Fools (Review)

2017 Albums

Southbank Crows – Wild Ones (EP Review)

With Wild Ones being their second EP, you can tell the boys of Southbank Crows really do live for the music. Having started the band back in early 2016, a group of guys met at a blind audition and have been playing music together ever since. They got their name from a place where they wrote music,… Continue reading Southbank Crows – Wild Ones (EP Review)