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Modern Nature – How To Live (Review)

Released August 23rd on Bella Union, Modern Nature’s debut album “How To Live” has took a plunge straight into our hearts. Blending euphoric folk, experimental jazz and psych-tinged indie rock, the project consists of U.K artists Jack Cooper (Ultimate Painted, Mazes) and Will Young (BEAK, Moon Gangs). Featuring drummer Aaron Neveu (Woods) saxophonist Jeff Tobias… Continue reading Modern Nature – How To Live (Review)

2019 Singles

Hayden Everett – Loud (Review)

Hayden Everett is an indie-pop songwriter currently residing in LA. Returning with his latest adventure, ‘Loud’ is available to stream everywhere and is one of those tracks that you won’t be able to get enough of. Taken off his debut self titled EP, due out September 6th, the track (alongside the rest of the EP)… Continue reading Hayden Everett – Loud (Review)

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Rob Drabkin – It’s a Beautiful Day (Review)

Writing this feature on a beautiful summer’s day in August, this is definitely the song of the day. Entitled “It’s a Beautiful Day”, indie folk artist Rob Drabkin released back in 2018. Taken off the Beautiful Day EP, the track features stadium vocals, a pulsating rhythm and intelligent guitar melodies. As an uplifting anthem, it’s… Continue reading Rob Drabkin – It’s a Beautiful Day (Review)

2019 Singles

Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

Twin brothers Amistat return with the warming folk number “Love & Light”. Born in Germany but raised in Italy, the European brothers blended their roots with their new adventure of moving to Australia. Creating a fanbase across the globe, their sound is filled with pure honesty and a beautiful atmosphere of harmonies. The new single… Continue reading Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

2019 Singles

Kuri – The Great Orator (Review)

Taken off the recently released debut album “No Village”, “The Great Orator” stuck out to me with it’s purity. Kuri’s angelic vocals hint how intense feelings of danger, adventure and even a newfound identity can really be. Scott Currie of Kuri began writing under the name in 2017. With influences such as Radiohead and Robert… Continue reading Kuri – The Great Orator (Review)

2019 Singles

Ellis Thomas – Summer Rain (Review)

Here we meet singer-songwriter Ellis Thomas from Porthcawl, South Wales. He’s released his debut single today, how exciting! For a debut track, you need something that’s going to be a wonderful introductory to your music and showcases your ability. Ellis Thomas’ ‘Summer Rain’ glows within the folk genre and completely pulls at your heart-strings. The track… Continue reading Ellis Thomas – Summer Rain (Review)

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Valerio Lysander- We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards the Sunlight (Review)

Released on the 21st July, I'm finally getting round to reviewing Valerio Lysander's wonderful album. The album was recorded in various locations across Rome and London with influences from Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor and Sufjan Stevens to name a few. A little bit about Valerio first is that he's a British based Italian artist who has performed all over Europe. He situates in the genres Baroque Pop,… Continue reading Valerio Lysander- We Are Like Coloured Moths Towards the Sunlight (Review)