Bendik Finborud – Tears & Laughter

Norwegian singer-songwriter Bendik Finborud returns with uplifting serenade ‘Tears & Laughter’. Lifted from his forthcoming new album, the new single is a smooth offering that blends warm indie-folk with delicate production. Pulling on your heartstrings and destined to sooth the soul, ‘Tears & Laughter’ is an intimate listen that showcases how powerful Bendik’s songwriting is.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “For some years now I’ve written music about the grief surrounding my mothers death. It’s a heavy subject and I haven’t been sure if anyone would want to listen to these kinds of songs, but it just felt like I needed to get it out. I think Tears & Laughter might be the ending to that long exploration of grief.

The song to me is most of all about resignation. About finally accepting that there’s nothing more to be done but let go. Although that isn’t a very uplifting ending I think there is some hope in that kind of acceptance. Accepting things like they really are can be painful, but in the end life goes on.”

Released at the beginning of April, get this track in your life – its a gentle breeze of hope.

You can follow Bendik Finborud on Facebook and Instagram.

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