Little Arrow – Poetically Diseased (Live at Four Bars, Cardiff, 18.12.2014)

It’s been a decade since Little Arrow emerged with their debut album, ‘Music, Masks & Poems’ – how is that possible? The years are just flying by, aren’t they? In marking this monumental milestone, the band are celebrating the life and music of frontman, William Hughes, who sadly lost his battle with cancer in December 2018, by releasing a live version of ‘Poetically Diseased’.

A track that specialises in bringing hope, love and community to the table, the release still remains an iconic moment in Little Arrow’s career. Out via Bubblewrap, label owner and Little Arrow drummer Rich Chitty elaborates, “From the tranquil opening of ‘Bitten Blues’ to the vivid imagery in ‘Aeroplane’; the lyrics felt old-worldly but familiar. Full of hope, but tragic. Wetting its toes amongst the mayhem, as Will puts it in ‘Poetically Diseased’. It was intimate, strange and personal yet somehow relatable, as though it talked of your pain and your joy, all through metaphors nearly lost to time. ‘Easy Now’ and ‘Beneath the True Blue’ were haunting and heart-breaking. ‘People of the Volcano’, ‘Boat’ and ‘Poetically Diseased’ were optimistic but borne of that same curious cloth. To this day, it remains my favourite part of Will’s back catalogue.”

All the proceeds from the album are being donated to Paul Sartori – Hospice at Home.

You can follow Little Arrow on Facebook.

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